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Alissa + Mike | Springlake Wedding, Lakemore, Ohio

Alissa and Mike found the perfect location for their outdoor ceremony and wedding reception. Just south of Akron, Springlake Party Center is in Lakemore, Ohio. Springlake provides a lovely backdrop with beautiful lakeside views, a the gazebo for the ceremony and landscaped manicured grounds for portraits. Even with rain threatening overhead, Alissa’s sweet personality and Mike’s good sense of humor, they had the perfect wedding day. It was a pleasure to document the moments and watch the day unfold.

Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio101 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio102 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio103 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio104 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio105 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio106 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio107 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio110 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio111 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio112 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio113 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio114 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio115 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio116 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio117 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio118 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio119 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio120 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio121 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio122 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio123 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio124 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio125 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio126 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio127 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio128 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio129 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio130 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio131 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio132 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio133 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio134 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio135 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio136Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland and Akron Wedding Photographer

Stevanna and Eric’s Engagement session |Stan Hywet Hall | Cleveland Wedding Photographer |Elizabeth Glorioso

Into late autumn, Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio is still a picturesque location for engagement photos. Stevanna and Eric are excited about planning their ceremony and reception at Stan Hywet and wanted their engagement session in the gardens in the fall- a nice contrast from their summer wedding. With the 70+ acres of gardens and grounds, it is hard not to find beautiful compositions in Stan Hywet’s landscape. I can not wait to return to photograph the wedding this summer in such a gorgeous place with so much Akron history.

Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0101 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0102 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0103 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0104 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0105 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0106 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0107 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0108 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0109 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0110 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0111 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0112