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Elizabeth’s Birthday at White Flower Cake

I was very excited for the opportunity to be White Flower Cake’s official photographer for their events happening in their new location in Solon, Ohio. Their beautiful new classroom is the perfect place for an event, especially for a lovely birthday girl who loves Frozen( And what 7 year-old doesn’t love Frozen?!) Time to break out the buttercream!

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Lilly Handmade Chocolates

I met Amanda several years ago when my colleague, Honey Lazar was working on a personal photography project. Amanda and her husband Josh are classically trained chefs who own and operate Lilly’s Handmade Chocolates in Tremont in Cleveland, Ohio. Honey and I had some fun visiting them again and making new photographs with their chef-in-training.

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Stauffer Family

A few years back I became the official photographer for North Royalton Dance Academy . There I met an energetic owner/director, Amy, who loved kids and loved to teach. I was thrilled to shoot for her.  Along the way, I began to shoot her adorable kids and I became her official family photographer too.

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